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Featured Programs

HRTec provides subject matter experts, propriety SaaS software, analysis and reporting services in support of this program. The program includes the flagship DEOCS Survey, website administration and hosting, application development, help desk support, training, and data collection and storage. This DoD system provides direct support and training resources to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard worldwide; as well as the Military Service Academies.
HRTec developed an automated process for data collection and management for the movement of State Department personnel and their household goods as they are shipped to and from locations worldwide. Our solution automated work flow and processing actions reducing errors, streamlining workloads while providing up to date information on the shipments.
HRTec developed and supports this Army system that provides resources to Army personnel and their families for morale, welfare and recreation activities. The system is hosted and administered at HRTec facilities.
FEOCS is a HRTec developed and deployed survey and assessment system focused on Federal Agency compliance, the backbone is built on HRTec’s propriety SaaS based software. The system collected data is analyzed and assessed producing actionable reports focused on an agencies climate. The system focuses on 13 human factors covering organizational effectiveness, equal opportunity, and job satisfaction.
HRTec developed and continues to host the Air Force Aid Society’s pledge and donation system. The system collects data on pledges and pending donations to the Society. AFAS staff members access the online system to finalize donation collection.
In response to rising concerns of on campus safety, HRTec modified one of its propriety SaaS based software products to provide colleges and universities with a system of data collection and assessment tools. The system provides colleges and universities with reports based on the student and faculty climates used to identify risk areas and assist in developing corrective actions.

List of Services

  • Application Development

  • Customer Support

  • Hosting/Managed Services

  • Survey Administration

  • Website Development and Administration

  • Work Flow Analysis and Business Process Improvement